A Guide To Residential Laminate floor in Kenya

One of the greatest long-term investments in a residential house is the flooring therefore when selecting a floor type for your space, then strength and durability should be the core qualities to look for and laminate flooring is one you should have in mind. Laminate flooring gives a stylish wooden finish that is strong, durable, and scratch-resistant, apart from its affordability it also has a wide range of style variations to choose from. Let’s have a look at residential laminate floor in Kenya.

laminate floor in kenya

Laminate flooring refers to a multilayer synthetic floor product fused together on a watertight and glued high-density fibre board. The layers include a transparent layer, a design layer, a wear-resistant layer, a high-density fiberboard core, and a balancing layer. Since installing wood flooring in Kenya can be very expensive, laminate flooring does the job by mimicking the wood floor appearance. laminate can also be designed to mimic other flooring materials like natural stone.


laminate flooring types in kenya

Why laminate floors in kenya?

If you are still questioning the benefits of installing laminate flooring for your residential house in Kenya, then let me put you on; manufacturers have continued to innovate and improve laminate over the years in order to bring more benefits. here are some of the benefits:

  • Aesthetic durability

    compared to hardwood floors, laminate flooring does not scratch easily and tends to maintain its aesthetic features over a long period of time, also unlike hardwood floors, laminate floors do not fade when they are exposed to the sun.

  • Ease of maintenance

    laminate floors are typically maintenance-free compared to hardwood floors which require regular maintenance over time to keep their aesthetic value .lamimate floors are very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Ease of installation

    fast and easy installation saves energy and money that would have otherwise been used to hire professionals to do the installation, laminate floors come in the form of planks with edges that snap together easily making them easy to install as a DIY.

  • Affordable

     Having a tight construction budget should mean something other than sacrificing quality. laminate flooring is a great flooring solution offering quality and style without having to break the bank.

  • Water-resistant

    The water resistance property of laminate floors makes them suitable for use in almost every space of the house because the floor is not damaged easily from spills and high moisture or humidity.

  • Resistant to wear and tear

    if you have pets then laminate flooring is the best option because of its high resistance to wear and tear from pet scratches and foot traffic. This floor does not get dull over time like hardwood floors.

  • Versatility

    Laminate floors have been manufactured to offer a variety of designs and different designs. you can get antique and rustic finishes as well as elegant and classy shiny finishes according to your preferences.


laminate flooring designs in kenya


In conclusion, if you are looking to create a warm and inviting look to your residential house without having to break the bank, then laminate flooring in kenya  is a good solution. To improve the performance of your laminate flooring, it comes with an underlying material that removes the empty sounds and gives the floor a springy feeling when walking on it. the cost of laminate flooring in Kenya ranges from 2000 ksh per square metre and above depending on the company and quality.


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