Complete Guide To Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets in Kenya

You might be wondering what are polycarbonate roofing sheets, and what are their applications, if that is the case then worry no more because in this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know about polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate sheets refer to lightweight polymers that are reinforced to form durable roofing materials with a variety of colors, mainly blue, brown, green, and clear. These roofing materials are suitable for residential entertainment areas like the backyard, poolside areas, verandas, and parking lots due to their excellent natural light transmission ability which saves the cost of electricity in return. In addition, polycarbonate roofing sheets in Kenya are lightweight and can be transported and installed easily. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions due to their strong impact resistance nature.

polycarbonate roofing sheets in kenya





  • Sustainable

    Polycarbonate sheets are highly sustainable, the panels can be recycled and they have a long lifespan, the sheets are also resistant to UV rays making them suitable for the exterior.

  • Insulation

    Polycarbonate sheets are good insulation materials that retain heat and create an optimal microclimate, which is ideal for greenhouses.

  • Easy to make

    Polycarbonate is easy to process, it can be sawn, melted, engraved milled, or polished. the material is strong, therefore the chances of breaking are lower.

  • Lightweight

    The polycarbonate sheets are lightweight in nature, therefore, making them easy to work with and transport.

  • Translucency

    Polycarbonate sheets are translucent and have the capacity of allowing natural light into the building, therefore, saving energy significantly.

  • UV resistant

    Polycarbonate sheets do not allow the penetration of UV rays, therefore, protecting the elements or people inside the building from ultraviolet rays.


  • Prone to scratches   

    The main disadvantage of polycarbonate sheets is that they are easily susceptible to scratches, this problem, however, can be solved by polishing the sheet and there are abrasive-resistant forms of polycarbonate that are specifically designed to address this problem and give the sheets a high scratching resistance.

  • Can expand

    Another disadvantage of polycarbonate sheets is that they can expand in hot temperatures. the degree of expansion of polycarbonate is 0.065mm per meter per degree celsius. as long as you can manage this expansion it shouldn’t be a problem.


twin wall , multiwall polycarbonate in kenya



Polycarbonate can be created in a variety of ways and moulded into different sizes and shapes thanks to its flexible nature. for this reason, polycarbonate has many applications .polycarbonate used for specifically roofing sheets can be found in the following types:

  • Twinwall and multiwall

    The most widely used forms of polycarbonate roofing sheets are the twins and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. often used for lean-to roofs and conservatories canopies, swimming pool covers insulation and walkways.

  • Solid polycarbonate

    The solid polycarbonate forms a thick, strong, and unbreakable roofing system. they deliver glass transparency and UV protection. they are suitable for skylights, balconies, balustrades, and security glazing.

  • Corrugated polycarbonate

    These polycarbonate sheets can be layered on top of other sheets making it easy to get the roofing sheets pieces, they can be folded into the desired design. they are suitable for conservatories, signage, glazing, and more.


corrugated polycarbonate in kenya


Twin and multiwall polycarbonate are the most prevalent roofing materials due to their cost-effectiveness, lightweight and DIY-friendly properties. when installing polycarbonate roofing sheets in kenya ensure you select the correct thickness depending on the purpose of the polycarbonate sheets.

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