A Complete Guide To Residential Box Profile Roofing Sheets in Kenya

Box profile roofing sheets offer a modern alternative to the older corrugated iron sheets, making them the most popular roofing solution for residential houses in Kenya at a very competitive price. These box profile sheets can be used for a brand new roof or also as an overclad to an already existing roof. They can also be manufactured with a reverse profile for side cladding. They can also form a part of a double-skin built-up insulation system. Box profile sheets consist of six profiles and five valleys where the water runs. They are provided with two extra swages at each valley for extra support and stability. Having a tight construction budget does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the quality and that is where box profile roofing sheets in Kenya come in handy.

Box profile roofing sheets in kenya

Why box profile roofing sheets in kenya?

Box profile roofing sheets have proven to be the most popular roofing solution for many buildings, if you are wondering why you should consider having them installed for your residential building, here is why:

    • Cost-effective

       Box profile roofing sheets offer a more cost-effective roofing solution compared to others since they are available in stock lengths instead of custom-making to specific lengths.

    • Easy to install

      Box profile roofing sheets are advantageous if you have a tight budget because they are simple and easy to install, reducing installation labor costs significantly.

  • Lightweight

    The box profile roofing materials are lightweight and therefore suitable since the building can sustain their weight.

  • Modern look

    These box profile roofing sheets have an excellent aesthetic appeal giving the entire residential house a modern look.

  • Fire-resistant

    Box profile roofing sheets exhibit excellent fire resistance properties therefore more advantageous.

  • Durability

    Box profile roofing sheets exhibit exceptionally high durability because of their resistance to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


double skin roofing system in kenya


Box profile roofing sheets specifications in kenya.

  • Thickness

    Box profile roofing sheets 32/1000 are manufactured  in two gauges, that is 0.5mm and 0.7mm

  • Stock lengths

    These box profile roofing sheets are also manufactured in standard lengths of 13,14,16,18 and 20 inches, however, they can also be manufactured to precise custom sizes required.

  • GRP roof lights

    To allow light transmission through the sheets and brighten up your building, the GRP fiberglass rooflights work in conjunction with the steel roofing sheets to incorporate natural daylight in the house.

  • Anti-condensation-to

    reduce condensation problems in your building, an anti-condensation membrane can be rolled under your box profile roofing sheets.

  • Double skin insulation

    The box profile roofing sheets can be used to form a built-up insulated roofing sheet system as the top sheet.

  • Colors

    box profile roofing sheets are manufactured and available in a wide range of color varieties which include blue, red, charcoal grey, maroon, tile red, and green.

box profile roofing gauges in kenya



Box profile roofing sheets in Kenya cost from 1575/- Ksh per meter however this varies depending on the gauges and lengths, different gauges cost differently, the lower the gauge, the higher the price.

Kenyan manufacturing companies provide a wide range of sizes, colors lengths, and shapes of box profile sheets, and charge differently per meter, Therefore it’s vital to choose a suitable one for you.

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